Fiber Jumper Manufacturers

Polarization Maintaining jumper is to realize coupling alignment of polarization mode by precise connector key position. Compared with the traditional optical fiber jumper, the polarization maintaining jumper has the advantages of polarization maintaining fiber transmitting polarized light signal, ensuring the direction of linear polarization unchanged, improving the coherent signal-to-noise ratio, and realizing the high-precision measurement of physical quantities.


Leading Fiber Jumper Manufacturers in China

Sunshine, also known as Huangshi Sunshine Optoelectronic Limited Liability Company, is a reputable company that was founded in March 2001. If you own a modern data center, you must require fiber optic jumpers. Our customers refer to fiber optic jumpers as fiber patch cords, optical jumper, or fiber jumper at times. We are among the well-reputed fiber Jumper manufacturers in China.

Why Choose Us Among Other Fiber Jumper Manufacturers?

We make a fiber jumper that functions simply for you so the jumper can connect two devices together in a better and larger optic network. We see how fiber optics is very popular among businesses today because of its incredible features. Our fiber jumper is a highly adaptable piece of tool that you can use depending upon the type you want. 

If you want to go for a more dependable and much faster product to transmit data, our fiber jumpers are the best choice. They transmit data using light rather than electricity, which is the best way. Our fiber optic jumpers are widely used in medical imaging centers, game design studios, mechanical engineering firms, data centers, telephone lines, server rooms, etc. By being a trusted partner for our clients, we hope to bring light to their networks. Because of this, we are among the leading fiber Jumper manufacturers in China. 

Qualities of Our Fiber Jumper

  • High Reliability and Speed

Our fiber jumper is known for its high reliability and speed. Our fiber improves the speed at a great level because it is faster than copper. 

  • Immune to Different Weather Conditions

Being among the well-known fiber Jumper manufacturers in China, we make fiber jumpers that are immune to different weather conditions. 

Huangshi Sunshine Optoelectronic Limited Liability Company also makes the standard fiber optical ceramic ferrule for its customers.