MPO Patch Cords Manufacturer

MT Series: MPO, MTP, MPX
MT Fiber Cores: 4:4, 8:8, 12:12, 24:24 Cores
MT Type: Male, Female
Length: 2.2m


Leading MPO Patch Cords Manufacturer in China

Sunshine, also known as Huangshi Sunshine Optoelectronic Limited Liability Company. We were established in March 2001 as a leading MPO Patch Cords Manufacturer in China.

Sunshine seeks the primary goal of “providing wealth to a client, employee, and society” and focuses on “serving clients with honesty and increasing business with integrity” as its management philosophy.

Due to the increase in network connectivity and data center bandwidth, businesses are looking for something better and more powerful than duplex fiber patch cords. They are no longer sufficient therefore, we make our MPO patch cords. 

Why Choose Us as Your MPO Patch Cords Manufacturer?

Sunshine, as a reputable MPO Patch Cords Manufacturer, imports the full range of Japanese industrial technology and machinery in addition to specific categories of skilled labor.

If you are looking for a manufacturer that can provide you with high-density MPO patch cords as a practical solution for the increasing data center bandwidth and network connectivity, you are at the right place. We keep the key features in consideration when making and suggesting the types of MPO patch cords to suit your fiber cabling. The budget, performance, and polarity all play a huge role in our business. With your business’s budget, we give you the best MPO system that makes sure your signal transmission reaches the correct receiver. 

Qualities of Our MPO Patch Cords

  • High Density & High Speed

Our MPO and MPO patch cords have high density and high speed. They have low back reflection loss and low insertion loss.

  • Quality Guaranteed

As a well-known MPO Patch Cords Manufacturer, we make sure to follow all the industry quality standards to be the best.

  • High Performance

At Huangshi Sunshine Optoelectronic Limited Liability Company, you will get a high-performing MPO patch cord. 

We are also among the credible attenuator manufacturers in China.