Fiber Collimator Manufacturers

The optical fiber collimator is accurately positioned by the tail fiber and the self-focusing lens, It can transform the transmission light in the fiber and the fiber into collimating light (parallel light) or coupling the external parallel (approximately parallel) light to the single mode fiber.

-Low insertion loss: Single Fiber (<0.2dB), Double fiber (<0.35dB)
-High return loss: >55dB (Up ro 70dB)
-Steady and Credible Capability; Meet the Standards of GR-1209-CORE and GR-1221-CORE
-Compact Structure, Accept Customized Size
-Materials Meet the Latest RoHS Requirements


Top-Notch Fiber Collimator Manufacturers

Sunshine was founded in March 2001 and is a recognized business that specializes in the design, development, and production of optoelectronic devices as well as providing technical services. We are one of the well-known fiber collimator manufacturers in China. 

Businesses require collimators for converting naturally diverging light emissions that come from the optical fiber to the parallel beam of light. There are low NA fibers as well as high NA fibers. The High NA fibers include Hard Polymer Cladding fibers and Polymer Optical Fiber (POF). 

Why Purchase from Us Among Other Fiber Collimator Manufacturers?

The company’s management has complied with all EMS, QMS, and OHSMS regulations, and all products have received the ROHS and TLC seals of approval. Markets all throughout the world are doing well for products manufactured in the sunshine. The fiber collimator we manufacture is 100% tested in our factory therefore it delivers optimal performance. If a product performs well, the company automatically performs well. The best part of our fiber collimator is that it is completely environmentally stable. So, all those customers worried about harming the environment, do not need to. We are one of the top fiber collimator manufacturers in China as a result.

Benefits of Our Fiber Collimator

  • High Return Loss

Our fiber collimator provides high return loss. It also has low insertion loss which means our customers can do a profitable business. 

  • Supreme Quality Standard

Among China’s leading fiber collimator manufacturers, our quality standards are very high. We make sure to check the quality of our product at every single step of the process. 

  • Many Applications

Our fiber collimator is used for optical research, isolator, WDM device and module, and isolator. 

We are also among the best-selling ftth cable manufacturers in China.